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Hon Editor;   Rod Wheelans   e: e-news@thepagb.org.uk


 We are happy to advertise your events but, as you will no doubt understand, there is considerable pressure on our advertising space and we could fill each issue with club announcements.  We need to be careful to restrict advertising so that it does not overwhelm the content and, of course, we have to meet our commitments to our Corporate Sponsors who contribute so much to the running of the PAGB events and services. 


Our policy is to publish only things which are likely to attract significant attendees or participants from outside your own Federation.  Other events are more appropriate to your Federation newsletter and website.  We will be happy to carry your advert if we still have space and if we think your item will be of interest to Clubs in other Federations but please see the note below 


A4 portrait posters, which I often receive, take a full page or have to be squashed into a corner where it becomes difficult to read.  If you want to publicise an open exhibition or an event of national interest please try to send nothing bigger than a quarter page Jpeg, Horizontal 194 mm x Vertical 63 mm.


We work many weeks ahead so please send your advert as early as possible.